Bubble Bites Series - Episode 2


30th April 2020, 5:30pm

Creative Mercury Bay presents our second episode of:




In this weeks episode we feature the below artists:


Pete Delete - Poet

Pete was born in London and followed the family lineage to become a carpenter and joiner. He emigrated to New Zealand in 1985 and lived in Tairua from 1987 to 2007.

Pete’s poetry and art started suddenly, following a dream that led him on a surreal journey around the globe. He moved to Taranaki to be accepted as an artist and poet. On returning to the Coromandel around 2013, he lived in Whitianga until he made the decision to become a full-time poet and artist in 2017 and moved into a studio in Whenuakite which is now home base.

Most of his poetry and art comes to him in dreams and through meditation. He is yet to make a living from his art but is very happy to now consider himself truly living. His elder brother, Tim Aldrich, is also an artist living in Tairua. He won artist’s choice at this year’s Mercury Bay Art Escape.

Pete will be performing nine original poems in ten minutes for Bubble Bites - Rubber Stamp Man, Living in the Shadow of the Big Red Match, Iconoclast, Big, A greed, agreed?, Epidemic, Temporary Insanity, That Fat Controller and Question.


Andy Santos - Jazz Musician

Andy’s first attempt to learn guitar at age 15 was unsuccessful. He was a drummer in a Jazz band at the time. However, 5 years later, he was in a position to learn guitar more comprehensively, and discovered that he could learn and play by ear. During the 70's and 80's, Andy was in and out of various bands. His musical influences were initially Jazz, Folk and Easy Rock, and later Blues and Rock, preferring to compose instrumentals rather than songs with lyrics.

Andy is originally from the United States and met his wife Shirley (a Kiwi) in 1995 while working at the same company. They married in 1997, and moved to New Zealand the following year. Shirley’s mother was living in Whitianga, so that’s where they decided to settle down. 

After 2 weeks, Andy got a job at a mechanic (he’s a self-taught mechanic), and after a year, was hired at Beta Electrical. From there he moved to 100% Whitianga and then did contract work for Sky TV for a time. 

Andy will be performing an original jazz instrumental piece called Jazz Jams.


Gemma Louden - Singer/Songwriter

Gemma is an 18-year-old singer/songwriter from Te Kouma Bay, Coromandel who is currently studying a Bachelor of Popular Music at the University of Auckland.

Gemma grew up with music and from a young age learned to play the piano and guitar, gradually moving into songwriting as a teenager. 

Music and songwriting have been an excellent release for Gemma, helping her to sort through and make sense of her thoughts and feelings. 

Gemma knew she wanted to study music and take her music further in Year 10, and has been working towards that goal since. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Popular Music at the University of Auckland.

She will be performing three original songs called Bed Rest, Like This and I’ll Call You Up Drunk.


Bubble Bites is by locals, for locals, offering ‘bites’ of local talent free to you in your bubble.


Every week at 5:30pm, we’ll release a new episode on our YouTube Channel, a 30min show featuring performances by 3 local artists.




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