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Bubble Bites Series - Episode 8


11th June 2020, 5:30pm

Creative Mercury Bay presents our eighth episode of:




In this weeks episode we feature the below artists:


Mark Taipari - Rock/Reggae Singer/Songwriter

Mark Taipari has been a professional singer and musician for many years and has appeared on television numerous times. He won a talent show on TV and has had countless appearances on stages throughout NZ. Mark plays all varieties of gigs and loves the big stage festival feel.

An original song composer and performer he does vocals and mainly plays guitar but can perform well on quite a few instruments. His focus is to get his music more widespread in the world.


Check him out on Facebook and Instagram


Mark will be performing original songs Change the Subject, Don’t Blame Me and Livin So Free (Coromandel Penisula).


Toya Fleetwood - Singer/Songwriter

Toya Fleetwood is a folk/rock singer who plays the guitar and is born and bred in the Mercury Bay area. She grew up in a musical family with her Mum (singer) and Dad (guitarist) playing in a band around the Whitianga area in the 1980’s with Alan Rhodes on bass, which is where her love of music came from. 


She raised her family of eight children here then left the area in 2003 and returned two years ago. Toya has spent the last 10 years doing gigs at weddings, bars and cafes, most recently including Luke’s Kitchen and The Lost Spring. 


Toya will be performing her original song Malady.



Fiona Sullivan - Poet/Thespian

Fi grew up in the Waikato and went to Ilam in Christchurch then did eight exhibitions and six murals. For 15 years she had a newspaper in Noosa Shire but now she’s come home to Aotearoa and is living her lifelong dream of poetry and photography, gardening and cooking. Her landscape photographs are for sale in Coromandel town at Therapeutic Glimmer Gallery near the Bizarre and Tried and True shop beside Umu.


To keep her fingers busy in the evenings, Fi makes scarves, shawls and the occasional poncho by colouring various fabrics with natural dyes and embroidering them. These are for sale at High Street Boutique, in Tauranga, and at Tried and True, Coromandel.


Email or ring Fiona if you want a photo of a special place, printed on stretched canvas and signed.


Fi will be performing her original poetry.


Taiju Watanabe - Emerging Pianist

We are very excited to feature Taiju Watanabe as a bonus performance this week. He is 15 years old and came to NZ and Whitianga when he was in year 2. He started playing the piano when he was 4 years old but his main instrument is violin and he can also play the guitar.


Taiju’s mum is a piano teacher and so he always went to his mums piano lessons and heard many students playing the piano. As he was watching the students playing he wanted to learn how to play himself. Taiju has been learning piano for about 10 years now and still loves playing the piano.


Taiju is playing Nocturne, op.9-2 by Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin.


Bubble Bites is by locals, for locals, offering ‘bites’ of local talent free to you in your bubble.


Every week at 5:30pm, we’ll release a new episode on our YouTube Channel, a 30min show featuring performances by 3 local artists.

Contact info:


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