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Aaron Vendell

Accoustic guitar and singer

Further detail to follow.

Boom City

Rock, folk, blues and reggae originals

Folk, Rock-Reggae with a twist of Blues, Boom City blends these genres with beautiful harmonies and musical arrangements.

Danny Boeglin

Accordion and a variety of other Instruments, accompanied by wife Joan
  • Tairua

A popular pair with rest homes and festivals.  Contact details to follow.

Dylan Wade

Alternative/folk/roots/reggae/blues/instrumental musician
Dylan is a singer-songwriter and skilled guitarist with years of experience performing and recording internationally and around New Zealand. He has the flexibility of being equally professional as a soloist or with a full band for events such as weddings or festivals, as well as regular gigging at quality venues cafes and bars. His music spans styles of rock, blues, reggae, soul, folk and more. He sings and plays acoustic and electric guitars with mastery.

Dylan Wade

Evan Vaughters

Accoustic classical guitarist
  • Tairua

Detail to follow

Fire and Rain

Originals band in 60s and 70s rock & pop style plus reggae & folk rock
  • Thames
  • Lance and Ava Strong - 021 502 333

Performing a variety of genres and all original.  

Fuller and the Empties

Covers band playing rock and dance music
  • Tairua

Adam Fuller - details to follow

James Carbery

One man band - musican and singer

I sit on a drum box, play guitar, harmonica, flute, kick a shaker with one foot and a tambourine with the other and sing. And they say men can't multi task...?

Jamie McCaskill

  • Thames
  • 027 352 0508

John Hert

Classical guitarist and singing with amp
  • Tairua
  • 07 864 8148

John Hert plays classical guitar at weddings and special functions, arrangements of many popular songs and classical pieces. He has a battery operated amp good for four hours or more for outdoor performance, and which allows iPods/MP3 players to play through. He can provide microphone access for celebrants also. At Café/Restaurants his music is ideal dining background music with songs from Simon & Garfunkel, Dylan, Cohen, James Taylor, Carole King, Mark Knopfler and the like.

JV & The Rockers

R&B and Country band

This band is one of the local acts (from the northern Coromandel) that has played and performed together since 1986.  The line-up has changed over the years, but the original core members are still jamming it. Most of the songs performed recently have been composed by guitarist and singer John Veysey, whose song writing skills are one of our hidden talents. The performance style is relaxed and low-key and  often has  visiting performers in the mix.


Musician - Jon Keys - Pianist, singer, and bongos
  • Tairua
  • 022 159 7846

Mark Allison

Jazz Trio

Wedding and background musicians

Mark Taipari

Upbeat accoustic and electric guitarist and singer

Mark Taipari is an amazingly talented and extensively experienced Kiwi musician.  He has delivered classy and relaxed performances for literally hundreds of weddings and functions with a wealth of over 30 years experience in the music industry.  With an edgy and youthful stage appearance, tremendous talent, boundless energy and unmistakable chemistry, Mark is a fantastic performer who delivers each and every time.

Mike McCarthy

Bass guitarist - Rock 'n roll
  • Pauanui
  • 07 864 7885 or 0274 772700

Moehau Music

Nathan McCauley

Excellent website listing local Coromandel performers, contacts, gigs and history 

Neighbouring Planets

Musicians and entertainers
Neighbouring Planets present a quirky set of eclectic instrumental originals, all with a distinctly laid-back Coromandel vibe. 
They have been in existence since 2016 and significant performances to date include the 2017 Mercury Bay Music Festival, a special guest slot at Cafe One Two One's 'Inside Out' poetry evening (Auckland) and another invited performance at the recently-instigated Whitianga Music Club. 
At the core of the band are Yvette Audain (clarinet; saxophone; miscellaneous other wind instruments) and Dix Ozier (guitar). 
Both also contribute to the band as composers. Neighbouring Planets often add a bassist, drummer or both to the lineup.

"Thanks so much for a first rate show. The audience was very happy" - Anita Arlov, curator, 'Inside Out'

Web link:


Phil Mason

Accoustic guitar and singing

Performs Country/Rock/Bob Dylan covers


Three piece rock covers band from 80s to today

Rob Wigmore

Country and Western guitarist and vocalist
Rob performs Country and Western from the '50s to present day, utilising backing tracks and accompanied by guitar.  He is available for clubs, pubs, private functions etc. 

Sarah Allison

  • Hikuai

Detail to follow

Steve Carson

Artist and Musician

Talented musician who has played in many Colville music club bands.

Terry Bright & Bill Kneebone

Accoustic guitar and singing
  • Tairua
  • 07 864 7945

The Fretmen

Accoustic guitars and singing
  • Tairua
  • 07 864 8148

The Fretmen, John Hert and Jim Hope play fingerpicking style with accoustic guitars in a repertoire featuring most genres but with the focus on sixties artists like Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, Donovan, James Taylor etc. John plays foot pedal bass while Jim is accomplished harmonica player. Both sing. 


Ukulele band
UKUMANIA is a Coromandel based six piece (not your usual) ukulele band. Formed in 2009, UKUMANIA has  provided a wide range of musical entertainment at local cafes, festivals, wineries, birthday and Christmas functions, and fund raisers. We have previously hosted three highly successful annual Coromandel Ukulele Fests. Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country - most tastes catered for, modest performance charges and a fun time is assured! 

Yvette Audain:

Musician, Composer, Tutor
Yvette is a prolific, versatile musician, composer and arranger born and based in New Zealand, having lived and worked in Auckland, Wellington and Melbourne (Australia). 
Her instruments are clarinet, saxophone, recorder and Irish whistle and she has professional experience in a variety of genres: classical, jazz, military band, Celtic-style originals, gypsy, free improvisation, salsa and many more settings beyond these.

Yvette, now based on the Coromandel Peninsula, currently teaches at several local schools as well as privately, and performs either on her own or part of "Neighbouring Planets"

John Irvine


Poetryboy:  scribbler and occasional linoleum layer, John Irvine is an old aged pensioner in New Zealand with delusions of immortal failure and a cynical view of life.  He has a mole under his left arm, and a wife who hates pizza and tripe.  He hopes to die painlessly one day without warning, and with a minimum of leakage...

The Little Gallery


Open 7 Days
10am – 4pm

Visit The Little Gallery, where discerning art enthusiasts can enjoy and purchase affordable, quality artwork by leading local artists. This diverse, intimate gallery prides itself on offering 'a little of the best,' representing over 50 artists from the Coromandel and around New Zealand. The space is a must-see cultural destination for tourists, as well as a place of pride within the Whangamata community.

The Little Gallery is managed as a co-operative, with artists lending their time and support to run the gallery space. Visitors are provided with the unique opportunity to meet the artists themselves and learn more about their practice. The gallery regularly hosts public events throughout the year including artist talks and exhibition openings, and with an ever-changing display of artwork, there is always a reason to visit The Little Gallery!

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